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A new Great Walk will open in 2019!

As you know, New Zealand is an incredibly well-appointed natural treasure so you can make the most of it. You probably know about the Great Walks.

The Great Walks network was established in 1993 and currently has nine Great Walks. The Paparoa Trail (55km) will be the first addition to the Great Walks network and will be the first major hike entirely on the West Coast. This will be the 10th Great Walk of New Zealand.

It will consist of a two or three day hike and one or two days of Level 4 Mountain Bike.

This will be the only great hike with mountain bike usable throughout the year.

This new trail crosses the Paparoa range, through alpine peaks, limestone karst landscapes and thriving tropical forests. You will enjoy breathtaking views (particularly from the summit of the dominant escarpment of the pike basin (pictured below), as well as from the Moonlight Tops Hut where the sunset is incredible over the Tasman Sea) and explore the spectacular gorges of the Pororari River with its limestone cliffs, beech forest and subtropical nīkau glades.

Explore also the unique mining history of the region.

Reservations for the 2019/2020 season will open in mid-June 2019. The opening dates of the Great Walk will be announced in early June.

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